7 Effective Marketing Tactics To Increase Sales And Conversions

For some marketers and corporations, probably the most common goal to their advertising and marketing tasks would be to drive higher sales.

Surprisingly many advertising and marketing tactics and strategies aren’t adapting well with this objective. Many entrepreneurs and marketers presume that “usual” marketing tasks, when done in the right way, it will be on the right track at the long-run goal to generate higher sales and higher profit. However, the truth behind this statement is, you will find proven tactics that may drive more traffic, potential leads, and higher conversion better compared to others.

In this post, here are the seven proven tactics to develop a better marketing strategy would like to share with you, and of course, at the end of the guidelines, you will find some “AHA” moment that previously never think about before.

1. It’s All About Value Proposition

Here is the glue: your potential and your favorable customers are not exactly buying your products or services, but instead what are the most significant benefits and values they get after they purchased your products and used your services. Thus, a value proposition can be defined as what are the values of the products, or the services that can be contributing to your customers as the key to success in your conversion accomplishment.

Let’s dig more in-depth definitions. Value propositions can be defined as :

  • Particular benefits clarifications of your products or your services (quantifiable value)
  • Redefine how your products and or your services can provide the solutions to fix the present problems that had faced by your clients or enhance their current position (correlation)
  • The way to convince your potential customers and your clients to buy your product/service and continue to purchase from you by knowing to communicate your unique selling points to differentiate with your competitors (unique differentiation)

Your value proposition can be showing out loud, especially on your website and social media platforms. Thus, this is the ideal way and probably is the most convincing way to let your first visitors see in the first place. Besides, it ought to be visible in every significant entry point in your website without overly hard selling.

Bear in mind, though, that value proposition isn’t just a simple catchphrase or perhaps a motto such as “the world’s number 1 golf club”. This might be a point of overall value proposal; however, this is not interesting enough to attract your customers.

Here’s the proper format to define the value proposition in your products and your services :

– Headline: This can be your slogan or catchphrase to outline and shout out your potential customers to become your intent customers as your marketing communication weapon. Your slogan and your headline can be simply about your customers, your products or your services, your unique selling points and benefits of your products or your services

– Sub-headline: An obvious explanation for what you give, your target customer, and also the product/service that can bring benefits to your relevant customers. In case the product/service can point out some particular problem or paint point to get their attention.

-Body: This could take some bullet points to list the crucial features of this product/service, or perhaps a very simple paragraph.

-Visual: You’re able to demonstrate the photo of one’s merchandise, a graphic highlighting your heart messages, and sometimes an infographic.

Bear in mind that the most powerful and successful value proposition is visibility and clarity. Have a look at this informative article by WordStream to get a couple of exemplary examples on the value proposition.

2. Targeting Ideal Customers

That is an obvious statement, however, you’re going to be shocked that many marketers neglect (or worse, even not to try) to know who is the right and potential customers. The most strategic targeting is knowing who are your targeted customers that become your primary priority, with the emphasis strongly on the word of “primary”. The main reason why you should need to know your targeted right customers is because of they are right one who takes the opportunity to consume your products or appreciate your services that make them always the first priority to serve.

Let’s see this fact; Amazon has massive global customers, global seller or worldwide merchants and global business partners. But still, their development and the business ecosystem from time to time rely on their primary customers, primary business partners, and primary stakeholders. Therefore today Amazon had been successfully implementing the customer-oriented experiences with features such as product evaluations, product reviews, consumer-based reviews, premium delivery service, and so forth to make customers feel and experience that company has cared and listened about what customers need and wants. Here is another fact, the reason why Google overtook Yahoo and other search engines had been fallen even Yahoo is one of the pioneers of search engine tech company? The truth is pretty straightforward because they targeted their customers so well: both the technology-affluent people, so their newer features will be technology-focused such as Android, Maps, along with also others.

The main point here: find your ideal prospects and targeted customers, fully utilize your resources to delight them. That’s the way to do so? Create a buying habit that can become your ideal customers. From then on, perform comprehensive research in their behavior, demands, issues, and worth. Now you can develop a detailed strategy to devote your funds with this particular target customer.


3. Content-marketing

In general, most people are not willing to pull their credit cards to purchase until they can get some added values and benefits such as informative knowledge, freebies, problems aware, and solutions aware. People are more likely to choose their preferable brands/companies that they had trusted; therefore, first and foremost one fo the best way to establish the brand credibility is consistently publishing valuable content, high-quality content and highly reliable content.

The primary purpose of content marketing is to educate your prospects and your customers effectively about the unique selling points of your product and differentiate them from the competitors. Additionally, content marketing is the most economical marketing channel when compared with other marketing channels, such as paid ads or social ads.
How to effectively utilize the content marketing strategy? First and foremost, your content has to be publicly visible to your audience. The ideal method to accomplish this is by merely utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that enables your content to rank on Google search engine results. While Search Engine Optimisation can be complicated as you think, here are the essential tips you may help you:

  • Using trusted keyword research tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and SEM Rush to find proper keywords that need to target which related to your own brand/product based on some important metrics such as keywords competitiveness, keywords density, and search volume.
  • Execute a Google search on those keywords, and analyze how your top competitors rank their content. In this way, you’re able to draft out a clearer picture of the type of content formats you should focus on based on your related niche.
  • Choose the topics relevant to your targeted keywords wanted to rank. Always remember that your content must be more valuable for your readers.
  • Generate your content and publish it consistently.
  • And lastly, putting effort into link building strategy inside the content. Build the connection and relationship with your relevant niche’s influencers or high-authority blogs of one’s industry, ask them to link back to your site or your content, which will gain mutual benefits with each other.

Besides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), alternatively, you can use social media marketing via social media platforms (organic and paid ), influencer marketing, and paid advertising to advertise your content, products and, services. Thus, bear in mind there are just two elements to effective content promotion: always developing high-quality content, and finding platforms to promote them no matter free or paid platforms.

4.Collecting User Feedback

In the long run, customers are the ones who buy the products or services, and thus that their fair and honest feedback is tremendously important. Some times, we view that our product from our point of view, also it’s quite usually we did not realize that our drawbacks, or some other flaws within our products.

Collecting fair and accurate customer feedback can be tough, mainly because you may not execute well if there’s a lack of proper tools to complete it, and difficult to automate the process of collecting customers’ feedbacks.

Generally, you obtain customer feedbacks throughout polls, questionnaires, surveys, email, website contact us form, in-person interactions, social media engagement, reviews, and so forth among other people. Thus, how can people have more responses to feedback from those channels? Probably one of the utmost truly effective ways is by offering incentives in numerous ways and automate the process to collect, receive answers and feedback, and giving offers or special promotions.

Ask them precisely what they liked and notably what they did not like from the product or service. Ask them where they heard all about you, and also what strengths of the product or service that makes them get attracted.

Additionally, always remember that your customer’s demands and senses are always evolving. Thus, continue collecting more and more feedbacks. Have a look at this guide by Moz about the best way best to acquire more customer responses effortlessly.


5. Events

Even within this advanced level digital era where almost everything is going to be online, however offline events are still influencing and effective way in gaining your sales, simply because events allow you to demonstrate your real presence and enable one to interact with your clients in-house.

Your events are not necessarily too complicated, and the purpose of hosting the event is to show your potential customers and existing customers with what are the things they love for. Thus, working out demographics and customer research to find their hobbies, interests, and values. For instance, during the event, you can be discovered that the majority of the people love coffees, you may giving away vouchers and free door gifts to get more attention on your product or your service.

As a summary, event marketing is an ideal method to maintain your brand on the very top of your customer’s mind. These analytics set by Bizzabo lists several intriguing facts about an event promoting marketing strategy. Some prominent ones are:

  • 63 percent of entrepreneurs plan on investing more in live events, both in the number of events and budget-wise.
  • 80 percent of entrepreneurs believe that offline events are crucial for their achievement
  • 80 percent of C-suite executives intend to spend more on live events at future
  • 75 percent of entrepreneurs believe that live events will0 become increasingly significant in the upcoming decades

6. Video Content

Video content is the most native, and the most interactive content channel has seen a massive increase in popularity over the last few decades. Though there might be several reasons to publish video content on your website, the most significant reason is that it is extremely helpful in promoting products and services. Studies even implied that using a video onto the landing page may aid in increasing traffic and conversions by greater than 80 percent.

Therefore, how do we utilize video to increase conversions? Listed below are a couple of ideas:

  • In a general guideline, put your lead capture form from 10 percent or 20 percent of your first video
  • A video tutorial emphasizing the features and unique selling points of one’s product/service is effective, besides, to make viral video content such as the behind the scenes or teasing scenes content to showcase your company and your product.
  • Utilize an attractive thumbnail. Generally, a thumbnail is an eye-catching tool to get your viewer to stay on their eye to see what next inside the video.
  • Create a video short and comprehensive, or if it’s relatively long, then hook up your audience using an instantly amusing section upfront. Personalization and individual traces are incredibly effective in driving traffic to your website or landing page.

7. Upsell and Cross-Sell

Finding actual sales is possibly the hardest part not merely of your marketing and advertising strategy, but also for your overall business. Thus, we’ll have to try to maximize profit and revenue through up-selling and cross-selling.

Up-selling generally is providing the greater version or upgrade version for more features of this product itself for a higher price and at the higher value. This strategy commonly uses for digital products and software, where individuals could provide the”top” variant with improved features. While on the flip side, cross-selling is providing additional relevant services or products which may match the very first product/service.

While upselling and cross-selling are usually more prevalent in specific businesses than the others, they could readily be applied and implemented on any business, and so they are very effective in improving the sales funnel. Additionally, up-selling and cross-marketing may proactively preserve your customer retention.



All these seven marketing tactics to improve sales and conversions are in no way the only available ones. They have been undoubtedly one of the effective marketing strategies in catching prospects’ attention and generate more sales from every one of these.

Remember that each one of these has its benefits and pitfalls, and you also may have to mix a few of these to acquire more success.

Additionally, it’s a frequent phenomenon your earnings answers are not optimized as your web site isn’t optimized for your conversions.

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